The Pastors

Pastors Jason and Kelli

Pastors Jason and Kelli Anderson

Pastor Jason’s nationally-syndicated radio show “Taking a Minute” airs daily in cities around the nation. He serves as one of the lead pastors at the Living Word Bible Church and is known for his unique teaching style to his congregations in Mesa and Scottsdale. Kelli Anderson is the founder and president of Daughters of Destiny (DOD), a premier young women’s Bible study. An outstanding faith teacher, Kelli’s teachings have helped hundreds of women find hope and restoration through Jesus Christ. Jason and Kelli married in 1993 and have four children.

Pastors Scot and Holly

Pastors Scot and Holly Anderson

Pastors Scot and Holly Anderson are leading experts in personal development, who focus on “changing your outer world by changing your inner world.” They travel the globe teaching on parenting, relationships, finances and “being the best you can be.” Scot serves as one of the lead pastors in Mesa and Scottsdale, has many books, seminars, audio and video resources, and television spots, reaching thousands. Holly is the founder of Moms of Destiny (MOD), a group specifically designed for moms of all ages, encouraging over 300 moms to “stay the course.” They married in 1993 and have four amazing boys and a little princess.